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Where guys are put in their place and then milked!
Double Jerkin'
ATTENTION : This may be the HOTTEST footage ever filmed of "Girls Jerking-Off boys"!!! Mrs. Watson has a present for Her two young housemates (Jenny & Mandy) for their graduation....2 cocks for them to Jerk. The Girls are absolutely thrilled with their present, and immediately start to Whack 'em Off. Mrs. Watson watches and encourages the Girls as they Jerk..."C'mon Girls, Jerk those cocks!!!" She says. The Girls continue to pump away..."Don't forget to use your milking plates!" Mrs. Watson reminds them. The girls take turns Jerking both boys at once and then One at a time the young Girls Milk the boys onto their Milking plate, as Mrs. Watson applauds them... >>> Read More
Neighbours and handjob helpers in REAL episodes!
How To Jerk Off A Boy
The Teacher (Mrs. Watson) is in Her office, when 2 students (Lexi & Lorissa) come to Her for help. They are having trouble with their Sex-Ed homework...specifically the chapter on "How to Jerk-Off a boy". The teacher asks if they were supplied with a "practice penis"..the Girls say yes, and bring out a large dildo, as Mrs. Watson asks each to show their technique. Altho Lorissa is not too bad...it is obvious that Lexi needs work!! The teacher decides the Girls should practice on a real cock..so she summons a volunteer. With a naked victim lying on the table, Mrs. Watson teaches the 2 young Girls all the required Jerking techniques. The Girls seem to start getting the hang of it.. >>> Read More
Fetish Role Play Handjobs with HEAVY MILKING!
Jerked In The Name Of The Law
Some guy has been spotted in the mall, trying to look up Girls' skirts. The "Mall Cop" takes him into custody and tells him about the complaints about him. She determines that he has too much cum in his balls and that is the reason for his perverted behaviour. She handcuffs his hands, and administers a rough Whack-Off to him. "Don't mess with a mall cop!!" She sternly warns him as She Beats him Off . When he begins to ejaculate...She shoots the cum all over the guy's clothes ...to teach him a lesson. It is a MASSIVE load She Jerks out of him, and as a result...you can see he ends up... >>> Read More
Girls taking full control and wanking guys DRY!
Police Jerk-Off
CONGRATULATIONS!!! All the viewers who sent us emails asking to see Jenny & Eva together (tons of you guys all seemed to want these two together)..well...your wishes have come true!!! Jenny and Eva are two SUPER HOT Cops who have a prisoner in custody, after he was kicked out of the courtroom during a parole hearing for acting up. The Girls decide that Jerking him Off should calm him down. He protests "Nobody Jerks Off Mad Dog Malone!!!" he keeps yelling...as the Girl Cops throw him to the ground...tie his hands down....and procedes to Jerk him. "I'm Mad Dog....Nobody tells me what to do!!" he keeps protesting....but the girls keep... >>> Read More

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