Beat The Cock
It's Game Show Night on Jerky Girls TV!!! Tonight, we debut a Brand New Show of ours called....BEAT THE COCK!!!". Here's how the Game works. Two this is Barbie and Amanda.....compete to see who can make a boy cum Faster....and the winner is Awarded a MILLION DOLLARS!!!!! Our Beautiful Host, Dallas Diamondz brings in Aimee and make sure that the boys don't speak while they are Milked. Amanda & Barbie oil up the two boys....and then Dallas gives them the Instruction...."On Your Mark....Get Set.......JERK!!!!!" With Dallas calling the Play By Play....Barbie and Amanda Jerk Feverishly....trying to get their boy to Squirt First!!!! In this episode....Barbie Forces Her boy to Spill First....and She is Awarded a Million Dollars!!!!!! Watch for all of our Fun Games......only on Jerky Girls TV!!!!
Cougarville EPISODE #1
It's the new Fall TV Season...and Jerky Girls TV is proud to debut it's HOT new series....Cougarville"!!! Starring Stacie Starr, and Jessica Sexxxton! In the first episode, Mrs. Sexxxton & Miss Starr attack the pool boy. When he is done cleaning their pool...the Two Jerky Cougars offer the young boy a drink....and quickly seduce him. They ask the frightened little boy which he likes better....Jessica's sexy, shapely legs....or Stacie's Big Tits. The young pool boy doesn't have an the Two mature, Jerky Cougars test him out. Jessica makes him take Her shoes off and Worship Her Feet...then Stacie takes the boy's face and buries it in Her Massive Cleavage. At this point, the Ladies realize the boy has an Stacie decides to Masturbate him...while Jessica Shoves Her Feet in his face. The youngster is overwhelmed...and he is Forced to make a Large ejaculation!! Stay tuned for the next Episode of....Cougarville!!!!
Amanda's Date
Amanda is on the phone with Her friend Sara. She is confiding to Sara that She and Her new boyfriend are going out on their fourth Date....and She STILL hasn't Jerked him Off!! She tells Sara that She "hopes" Tonight will be the Night! Her boyfriend arrives to pick Her up....and tells Her he has made Dinner Reservations for 8:00. Amanda tries to grab his crotch...but her takes Her Hand away..."I told you Amanda.....I'm not letting you Beat me Off". Amanda is persistent...."How about a little kiss?....that can't do any harm....". The boy agrees to let Amanda kiss him....but as soon as the kissing becomes passionate....Amanda again goes for his crotch...and again he stops Her! Amanda won't be thwarted, however.... and She resumes Her passionate kissing...this time She reaches up the leg of his shorts....and grabs his cock directly!!! "HOORAY...I touched it!!!" She proclaims. The boy can no longer resist this determined Jerky Girl....and Amanda pulls his shorts all the way down...and while continuing to kiss him passionately...She Jerks his cock until he ejaculates for Her!! As the boy sits there....covered in his own cum....Jerked-Off by a Girl...against his will....Amanda tells him to go start the She calls Sara back. "We did it Sara......We had our first Jerk!!!".
Brat Girl
This poor loser Married a Brat Girl!!! Ha Ha Ha...... Everyday....same thing....Spoiled Brat Taylor Jerks-Off Her hard husband while She puts on Her makeup. She considers this act to be fulfilling Her..."Wifely Duties" lol Taylor pays no attention to Her loser husband as She matter-of-factly Masturbates him while admiring Herself in the mirror. "Aren't I pretty?.....can you believe how pretty I am??" She says as She methodically pumps his penis. When Her husband asks if they can Fuck sometime....Taylor just laughs...."Girls as pretty as Me don't get Fucked!!!" As She says that......a Geyser of sperm is Forced from Her lowly husband.